Matamoros Wiring
Matamoros Wiring


A wide variety of harnesses, transformers, inductors, coils and customized machinning pieces are listed below.

Harnesses :

Any lenght, any number of threads, any wires number, any wire color and any wire gage as well are designed and / or manufactured by Matamoros Wiring.


Harnesses covered by tubing, conduit, net, tie, spiral, vinyl or any kind of taping or any combination of any of them including thermal materials.

Any harnesses lenght, any number of wires and threads, any color or any combination of wire gage as well are designed and / or manufactured.

Hrnesses with any type of connector male or female, as many branchs as needed, covered by any combination of different materials including thermal materials are available.

Harnesses with any type of connector, 2 or more connectors combination or connectors with separated and isolated wire terminals can be assembled in our facility

Harnesses with any type of connector with any branchs for any aplication in the industry such as automotive, appliances, interfaces, etc. are also designed and /or manufactured.

Any kind of terminal, female or male can be crimped and / or welded and assembled into any connector according to customer needs.

Crimped and sealed terminals for any application is a service that we can also offer.

Crimped terminal with solder joint process is also a service that we can offer.

Terminals fully or partially covered with any plastic, tape, tubing, etc. for any application that the customer needs is also available,

Harnesses with splices are also available in our processes, crimped or welded splices with same or different wire gage for any wire configuration, 2X1, 2X2, 3X2, 3x1, etc. covered by tubing or any type of tape is a process that we can offer.

Transformers with harnesses with any type of terminals are available.

A wide variety of transformers and inductors for different application can be made, we can design your transformer according to your needs or we can manufacture your own design.


Toroid form is a process also available

Voice coils, 2,4,6 and 8 ohms impedance from 20 Hz on.

Voice coils for high frequency according to customer needs

Special designs, bobbins designwall slots which we eliminate all wire corossover on the end of the windings, dual bobin non concentric to reduce capacitances and eliminate the need of an electrostatic shield.

Design of inductors for a wide variety of applications for low and high frequencies as well.

Design and manufacture of die hard for die set, Hardness 58-60 RWC.


Design and manufacture of holders any type any material such as stainless, steel, brass, etc. 

Gun Blocks for Air pressure 

Design and manufacture of any Gages for any application any materials metal or plastics 


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